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Cory Colliers Ltd. Org' - Marpesia ). Sigalas Sons renamed Kadio. Long (63.7 metres) perpendicular to perpendicular, 220.5.

92.4 metres long, perpendicular to perpendicular, 303 (or 313)., speed of 10 knots. 16, 1876, the vessel sighted Ohlenborg Light, but the light was only occasionally visible as the weather at the time was thick the wind was blowing hard. Per 1 (modest reference re Feb. A leading British civil, marine electrical engineer academic, (1847/1928) - a consultant to LondonPower - you can read about his varied career at many sites incl. 5 advises that the vessel towed Sukhona, whose screw had been damaged by ice. 10 Lady Katherine 945 (or 845) tons Hull 131? 88 Amberley Castle 1010 (or 1060) tons Hull 377 Weather Advisor Admiral Fitzroy 1944 A Castle class corvette (Royal Navy). Trove, Australia advises at the link above that Flashlight was machine-gunned bombed. A squall took the vessel off the reef. Moorwood opened fire, but sank within 1/2 hour.

I have read that in 2009 the wreck,.44.7N/05.20.3W perhaps, (has the wreck identity been proven?) still contained many unexploded mines detonators. 1945, the vessel arrived at Briton Ferry, Wales, to be broken. Built for Cory Colliers Ltd., of London, presumably to carry coal from the NE to the. Whidby her captain, thru 1869/70, but that clearly is not correct. The ship, most likely under the command of Lieutenant Daniel Richardson, had a crew of 40 all told. Of Cardiff but was repurchased by Westoll renamed President. 31, 1942 by Italian submarine Pietro Calvi.

Built for 'Stephenson, Clarke Ltd. It would seem that 11 were killed in the attack. And in 1911, sold to 'Cambi Vidovich C of Italy, renamed Marie Rosette. I have seen a couple of ref. 25, 1897, our vessel, Captain Ostermann in command, was wrecked, per Miramar, at Galera Point, Ecuador (i.e. 1943 to May 1945, the vessel was bareboat chartered to the Turkish Government. 40 Paignton 2017 tons Hull A cargo ship, a collier. The stem of Quaysider hit the starboard side of Lady Olga. In 1948, the vessel was acquired by 'N.V.

Per 1 (1918 torpedo attack 2 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Can anybody provide i) the court's conclusion ii) better detail as to the circumstances. Hunter, famous for his leadership role in what became Swan, Hunter Wigham Richardson, Ltd., of Wallsend-on-Tyne. City of Sydney was under the command of William Reginald Pinchbeck, had 77 aboard (per the Inquiry Report) including a pilot was en route, in ballast, from Middlesbrough to Newport, Wales. Can anybody confirm that data or correct it? Org WW2 convoy duty, click on 'ship search' then insert Mardinian 3 t 1940 sinking, image, Mardinian 4 data re sinking, image, Mardinian 5 (image data Mardinian, but you must be registered to access it 6 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). 77 Elizabeth Lysaght 1037 tons Hull Rino Esposito Zaffiro 1938 A collier. I presume, however, that they mean a site on the south bank of the River Wear, east of but close to the road bridge.


94.9 metres long, perpendicular to perpendicular, speed? Zeetransport ' as her manager. Likely built on speculation. Built for 'Gerolimich. 1951 - have not read any detail. ' Just who is Samuel Austin?

And in 1939, was sold to 'A. 6, 1932, the vessel was wrecked, near Pozzallo, Sicily. Sanne of Uddevalla, Sweden, renamed Odensvold. Can anybody advise the webmaster of the detailed circumstances the result of the ensuing court case? 39 WW2 convoy references, all up and down the east coast between Methil (Firth of Forth) the Tyne and London. Tons Hull Pompey Samal 1897 A cargo ship, a collier later a stores ship. It was sold on Aug. Robert Moffat, was a steward aboard Cormull, that day long ago.

The Austin 'pontoon' was located on the south bank of the River Wear, just east of the railway road bridges. 47 WW2 convoy references, all of which were.K. In 1972, the vessel was sold to 'Sissini Navigation. Arie de Lange advises (thanks!) that the mine was laid by German submarine UC-3. He wrote 'I think you should see the coal train as well although it does not pertain to your ship register site.

Guillemot was boarded by UC-65 crew who placed explosives on board. The WWW record for this ship is very modest. Can anyone correct or improve the above text, especially re the Russian? Org WW2 convoy duty, click on 'ship search' then insert Oddevold 4 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). I have read that the vessel was seized by the Spanish Navy while blockade running in the Spanish Civil War, became Spanish property was renamed Huelva. It would seem that a ferry boat was crossing the river from. The ship was damaged three lives were lost, but the ship made it to nearby Portsmouth. Fireside, built in 1942, is beside her Borde, built in 1953, is the ship in the near left rear. 19, 1881, the vessel being christened by Miss Sybil.

Per 1 Thursday, 25 July 60 down 2 convoyweb. 2, 1942, Andre Marti was in convoy.18, en route from Loch Ewe, Scotland, to Archangel, Russia, with supplies for the Soviet Union's war effort. In 1856, per Turnbull's Register, in Christie's Shipping Register of 1858 the vessel was owned by Thomas Wilson,. The main Austin yard would however seem to have been just a short distance away, on the same bank a little closer to the sea. Long, signal letters ljmf. Org 1937/46 7 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). 20, 1941 (per Charles Hocking or Oct.

Org Lloyd's Register data re years 1930/44, see part of data at left 2 sinking ' Maloja 3 Christies' 1995 sale of ship model 4 Wikipedia' page in German, Majola 5 (link 4 translated 6 (data 7 (English detailed. Vandam also of Profondeville, Belgium, with no change of name. I trust you will forgive my inviting you to find such listings for yourself. To launch,.162 ref. of Copenhagen, Denmark, renamed Smut. 'Convoy-web' simply records the vessel as sunk. It was sold again, in 1961, to 'C.

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WWW data available for this vessel is quite modest. Planter, with real escort drammen sweden escort service stem damage, was towed to South West India Docks - to effect repairs perhaps. Coal dust) from the Newport, Wales, coal mines of 'Powell Duffryn' to patent fuel works at Rouen Rochefort, both in France. In WW1, the vessel was requisitioned by the Admiralty for use as a collier was modestly armed. Of La Rochelle with coal from the Bristol Channel, learned that the German Army was only a few miles away. Org Lloyd's Register data, Moorwood, 1940/45 6 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). 1945, which Sea Fisher seems to have joined late. 1940, Polinice was captured at sea by British Naval Forces, sent to Malta. The vessel arrived at Split, Yugoslavia, in Feb. Ostermann, depressed at the loss of his ship, died aboard the hull on Aug.

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Van Baardwijk was in command with a crew of 23 all told. The vessel was later presumably raised since Miramar indicate that in Jan. Per 1 (data in Italian image, Polinice 2 (Miramar, link, you now must be registered to access). Per A (e-Bay image, La Villa 1 convoyweb. The 'pontoon' used to be located at bottom left of the eskorte sverige prostitusjon polen image that follows, parallel of course to the river bank. In 1921, the vessel was sold to Mrs. 15, 1945, Thomas. And sold on Jun.